Linda Starr
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Linda Starr


Linda Starr supports people in producing results. She simply doesn’t think in terms of
reasonable possibilities or limitations. She expects, and her clients will tell you, she achieves miracles.

Linda Starr’s service is practical and results-oriented. By using a combination of insightful questions, guided imagery and positive affirmation, she helps clients to recognize and clear their personal barriers to success. Critiques of unsuccessful past behavior are offered in an atmosphere of affirming support and acknowledgements of what the individual is doing right.

Ms. Starr probes beyond what clients say to what they actually mean. She relentlessly searches out the real source of the problem and guides the client to discover uniquely
personal solutions: solutions that really work.

The effectiveness of her methods goes beyond the business world. Additionally, she consults and speaks on a variety of personal issues and problems. Currently her practice is centered on productivity training classes and executive coaching designed to meet specific objectives. Almost any subject seems to be within her scope, for she perceives through to the underlying principles needed to yield success, then simplifies those principles for easy understanding and application.

Her particular gift seems to be rendering the complex simple.

Linda Starr
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