Linda Starr
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Linda Starr

About Linda Starr

Linda Starr is the founder of Starr/CTC, a Houston-based consulting, training and coaching company dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals. Placing an emphasis on producing extraordinary, measurable results, Starr/CTC works with individual managers, teams and organizations to deliver practical and result driven approaches and skill sets.

One of Houston’s most sought after trainers and coaches, Linda Starr has trained thousands during her career and continues to engage and inspire growth in the clients she serves. Supported by a background in marketing and human behavior, Starr begins by identifying challenges and areas for growth and formulates customized plans to offer individual consultation as well as group training services.

Paramount to Starr’s process is the blending of personal and corporate goals, the communication of each individual employee’s inherent value and the perceived value of each staff member’s contribution to the good of the organization.

Linda Starr
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